Which size?

MeLuna is available in three sizes: S, M and L, and three styles: ball, ring and stem.

Size S:
Cup diameter: 40 mm, length 40 mm (add 6 mm for ball style, 8 mm for the ring style or 15 mm for the stem)
Cup volume: 15 ml

Size M:
Cup diameter: 42,5 mm, length 45 mm (add 7 mm for ball style, 10 mm for the ring style or 17 mm for the stem)
Cup volume: 21 ml

Size L:
Cup diameter 45 mm, length 54 mm (add 8 mm for ball style, 14 mm for the ring or 16mm for the stem)
Cup volume: 32 ml

What is the right size for you? That depends. There is the bleeding volume, the size of your vagina, if you have already given birth and your age to consider. All these factors differ from woman to woman and so there are no strict guidelines. As a rule of thumb you could say that young women and women who have never birth (including birth by C-section) prefer size S or M depending on their bleeding volume. Women who have already given birth prefer M or L.

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