Before first usage, please sterilise MeLuna for 5 min in boiling water. Sterilisation is also required after your menstruation ends and before the first time you use MeLuna when your period starts. During your menstruation, cleaning with toilet paper, cleaning towels or under running water is sufficient. After disposal of the contents and cleaning, MeLuna can be placed inside again. Please be sure to only reach for your MeLuna with clean hands. 

Fold MeLuna in the way most comfortable for you. Here we show some possibilities to fold MeLuna, for your convenience:

  • C-Fold
  • S-Fold
  • Punchdown

Hold on to the folded cup and push it into your vagina, with the rim going first. This can be done while sitting on the toilet, standing up or – depending only on what is comfortable for you. You will quickly find the perfect position of MeLuna by using it. Some women like to place it right below the cervix, others prefer carrying it closer to the vaginal opening. If MeLuna is placed too close to the vaginal opening, though, it will most probably be uncomfortable, e.g. when sitting down. If you have chosen the stem model, it can be shortened to your preferred length or be removed entirely. Please be careful not to damage the cup while cutting off the stem. 

To prevent leaking, check whether the menstrual cup has fitted properly after insertion by turning of the cup or by running a finger along the rim. 

On average it is sufficient to dispose of MeLunas contents 2 to 4 times a day. Since the menstrual flow varies during menstruation, the time frame MeLuna can be worn will change. For beginners we recommend checking MeLuna in about the same frequency you would check your pads or sanitary towels. This way, you will get the best feeling for how often your MeLuna needs to be emptied. You can wear MeLuna during the day as well as at night. However, it should be emptied latest after 8 to 12 hours. 

Clean your hands thoroughly before you take out MeLuna. Relax your body and release the underpressure by squeezing MeLuna a little, similar to the folding techniques described earlier and gently pull. Gentle pressure or turning of MeLuna can also be helpful. Please do not simply pull at the ball/stem/ring of the cup without first releasing the pressure! Those are for getting a better grip, not for removal of the cup. It is important to be patient when first trying MeLuna, so be sure to take your time – some exercise is needed to remove and discard the cup easily.

After removal, please discard and clean MeLuna as described above. Afterwards, you can insert MeLuna again. 

After your menstruation has ceased, please wash your MeLuna thoroughly and disinfect it, e.g. by boiling in hot water. MeLuna should be stored at an aerate place at all times, e.g. in the pouch delivered with your MeLuna. Please do not keep MeLuna in a plastic bag or other airtight containers.