What is MeLuna menstrual cup?

MeLuna menstrual cups are small, cup like sanitary products for women. In case of MeLuna, cups are made from TPE, they are most innovative products of feminine hygiene, a cost-saving and eco-friendly alternative to tampons or sanitary pads. 

During your period, you insert the reusable MeLuna menstrual cup into your vagina to collect menstrual fluid. Unlike tampons and pads, the cup collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it. You empty the cup when it's full, wash it and then place it back.

MeLuna is the first menstrual cup made in Germany, without exception. Every part of the process is being controlled and documented, starting with the arrival of the goods and ending with packing of MeLuna, ready for despatch. The plastic material is being processed free of emissions and gentle on resources.

What is MeLuna made of?

MeLuna is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE was developed for medical instruments and passed ISO 10993-10 required irritation tests. The material can be sterilised and thus qualifies for application in paediatric clinics and hospitals. Also TPE feels smooth, dry and not sticky - meaning it is an all different surface feel (haptics). Many products originally made from latex or silicones are now made of TPE. 

Due to the high standards for baby products in Germany, you can be assured you are purchasing top quality!

What are the advantages of MeLuna menstrual cups compared to tampons or sanitary pads?

Because the MeLuna isn't soaking liquids there is no drying-out of the mucous membrane like it happen with tampons. So there is no negative influence to the vagina. No textile fibres left in the vagina and could be used with all bleeding strengths. 

A woman expend during her fruitful years approximately 10.000 pads or sanitary towels. MeLuna can be used for 5-10 years and is therefore obviously cost-saving compared to other sanitary products for women. 

You don't have to think of backup pads or sanitary towels. Menstrual cups have in contrast to pads never been connected to the toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The MeLuna menstrual cup holds - depending on the size - more liquid than a pad or sanitary towel. Women with an affection vagina infections, mycosis, allergy or sensitive vagina mucous membrane could do something good to themselves and preserve their vagina mucous membrane. 

A menstrual cup is the most eco-friendly hygienic menstrual product. Because it’s reusable for a lot of years there is hardly any packing or used pads or sanitary towels which have to be disposed month by month.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction against MeLuna?

No. The raw material of MeLuna, TPE, does not contain any proteins, PVC, latex or silicone. MeLuna is free off bleach, deodorant or absorbing gel and therefore antiallergen. Thus, there cannot be an allergic reaction. The MeLuna material is, among other things, also used for the teats on baby bottles. Regarding the high regulatory requirement for baby products in Germany, you can be assured you are purchasing top quality.

Can I use MeLuna while doing sport?

Yes, of course you can also use your menstrual cup when doing sport. Especially if you enjoy outdoor sports, MeLuna will make you feel comfortable. Because of it’s flexible material, MeLuna will fit your vagina perfectly and will not affect you.

What are the measurements of MeLuna's different sizes and styles?

MeLuna is available in three sizes: S, M and L.

Size S:
Cup diameter: 40 mm, length 40 mm (add 6 mm for ball style, 8 mm for the ring style or 15 mm for the stem)
Cup volume: 15 ml

Size M:
Cup diameter: 42,5 mm, length 45 mm (add 7 mm for ball style, 10 mm for the ring style or 17 mm for the stem) 
Cup volume: 21 ml

Size L:
Cup diameter 45 mm, length 54 mm (add 8 mm for ball style, 14 mm for the ring or 16mm for the stem)
Cup volume: 32 ml

What is the right size for me?

That depends. There is the bleeding volume, the size of your vagina, if you have already given birth and your age to consider. All these factors differ from woman to woman and so there are no strict guidelines. As a rule of thumb you could say that young women and women who have never birth (including birth by C-section) prefer size S or M depending on their bleeding volume. Women who have already given birth prefer M or L.

How do I use my MeLuna?

Before first usage, please sterilise MeLuna for 5 min in boiling water. Sterilisation is also required after your menstruation ends and before the first time you use MeLuna when your period starts. During your menstruation, cleaning with toilet paper, cleaning towels or under running water is sufficient. After disposal of the contents and cleaning, MeLuna can be placed inside again. Please be sure to only reach for your MeLuna with clean hands. 

Fold MeLuna in the way most comfortable for you. Hold on to the folded cup and push it into your vagina, with the rim going first. This can be done while sitting on the toilet, standing up or - depending only on what is comfortable for you. You will quickly find the perfect position of MeLuna by using it. Some women like to place it right below the cervix, others prefer carrying it closer to the vaginal opening. If MeLuna is placed too close to the vaginal opening, though, it will most probably be uncomfortable, e.g. when sitting down. If you have chosen the stem model, it can be shortened to your preferred length or be removed entirely. Please be careful not to damage the cup while cutting off the stem. 

To prevent leaking, check whether the menstrual cup has fitted properly after insertion by turning of the cup or by running a finger along the rim. 

On average it is sufficient to dispose of MeLunas contents 2 to 4 times a day. Since the menstrual flow varies during menstruation, the time frame MeLuna can be worn will change. For beginners we recommend checking MeLuna in about the same frequency you would check your pads or sanitary towels. This way, you will get the best feeling for how often your MeLuna needs to be emptied. You can wear MeLuna during the day as well as at night. However, it should be emptied latest after 8 to 12 hours.

Do I need to remove the cup, when I use the toilet?

You don't need to take out MeLuna when using the facilities. Bowl movements or movements of the vaginal musculature may cause MeLuna to slightly change its place but this will neither impede functionality nor your comfort.

How to remove the cup?

Clean your hands thoroughly before you take out MeLuna. Relax your body and release the underpressure by squeezing MeLuna a little, similar to the folding techniques described earlier and gently pull. Gentle pressure or turning of MeLuna can also be helpful. Please do not simply pull at the ball/stem/ring of the cup without first releasing the pressure! Those are for getting a better grip, not for removal of the cup. It is important to be patient when first trying MeLuna, so be sure to take your time - some exercise is needed to remove and discard the cup easily. 

After removal, please discard and clean MeLuna as described above. Afterwards, you can insert MeLuna again. 

After your menstruation has ceased, please wash your MeLuna thoroughly and disinfect it, e.g. by boiling in hot water. MeLuna should be stored at an aerate place at all times, e.g. in the pouch delivered with your MeLuna. Please do not keep MeLuna in a plastic bag or other airtight containers. 

MeLuna seems very complicated to handle, will I be able to do it? 

Yes, of course. Only patience and training are required. After one or two menstrual cycles you will have mastered the handling of MeLuna.

The stem is bothering me. What can I do?

MeLuna's stem can be cut off, if irritations occur or if you feel uncomfortable. Apart from the classic stem model, three other models are available, with a gripping ball or ring instead of the stem. MeLuna can also be ordered with no stem, ball or ring at all.

My MeLuna leaks. What can I do?

Are you using the right size? The largest diameter has to seal the vagina to prevent leaking. If the cup is too small, it will not sit tight enough. Does the cup defold inside the vagina? If not, your MeLuna is probably too large for you.

How long can I keep the MeLuna insight?

MeLuna can stay inside the body for 8 - 12 hours.

What is the lifetime of my MeLuna?

Depending ob appropriate use and accurate maintenance, MeLuna can be used for 5-10 years before it will be worn out. UV rays will cause MeLuna to embrittle, which is why it should be kept outside the blazing sun.

How do I clean my MeLuna when I'm out?

You have several options. Wipe your MeLuna with toilet paper or cleaning towels and place it back. If you have water at your disposal, you can also rinse MeLuna and then put it back in place. 

After you have stopped menstruating, MeLuna should be cleaned thoroughly. You can keep MeLuna in the provided pouch.

What could harm my MeLuna?

The only thing capable of embrittling MeLuna early is UV radiation. For the same reason, MeLuna should not be kept in the blazing sun in summer or at 140°C or above. At normal storing conditions, nothing will harm MeLuna.

Can I use my MeLuna as a contraceptive?

No, by all means!

Can I wear my MeLuna when I have sex?

MeLuna can not be used during sexual intercourse. In the same time the advantage of MeLuna menstrual cup compared to tampons or sanitary pads – it will not harm the beauty and aesthetic of your relationship during the period.

Which colors, sizes and styles are available?

MeLuna is available in three styles: ball, ring and stem, and two tipes: Classic and Soft. All styles of MeLuna Classic are available in six colors: violet, red, transparent, orange, green and blue. All styles of MeLuna Soft are available in six colors: pink, cyan and yellow. Other colors may be produced depending on demand or as a special edition. 

MeLuna comes in three sizes (S, M, L).

Are the color pigment save for me?

The TPE plastic as well as all pigments are approved, harmless substances.

Are there any pull-in aids or applicators?

Lubricants based on silicone, water or oil can be used to simplify insertion. Since MeLuna is not made from silicone, it will not be affected by silicone-based lubricants or fats and oils, like other menstrual cups made from silicone or latex.

What is this pouch that comes with MeLuna?

The microfiber pouch is made from dark blue fabric with a silver MeLuna logo print. Every MeLuna is delivered with such a pouch.

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